In The Room Launches New AI Conversational Experience for Stroke Survivors and Caregivers


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A Groundbreaking Initiative for Stroke Awareness

Toronto, Canada marks a significant milestone in stroke awareness and recovery with the announcement of "In The Room with a Stroke Survivor." This innovative AI conversational experience, a collaborative effort between In The Room, the World Stroke Organization, and stroke survivor Stacie Broek, aims to transform how we understand and approach stroke recovery and awareness.

Personal Experience Meets Global Technology

The platform, powered by AI, offers a unique opportunity for users to engage directly with Stacie Broek. As a stroke survivor, Stacie provides invaluable insights and personal narratives about her journey through stroke recovery. This one-on-one interaction, made possible through the advanced technology of In The Room, allows for immediate responses and a deeply personal connection.

Stacie Broek

Vision and Impact

The essence of this initiative is to create a safe and accessible space for learning about stroke experiences. Whether at home or at one's own pace, users can gain perspective from Stacie’s story, making the platform a crucial resource for both stroke survivors and caregivers. This approach aims to redefine the stroke narrative into one of strength and transformation.

Voices of Experience and Leadership

"In openly sharing my journey, I hope to transform the stroke narrative into a story of strength and transformation," says Stacie Broek. Dr. Michelle Nelson from the World Stroke Organization emphasizes the importance of learning from lived experiences and the role of innovative technology in providing essential support.

Launch and Future Prospects

The official launch of this conversational experience is scheduled during the World Stroke Congress in Toronto, from October 10-12, 2023. This initiative promises not only to aid in stroke recovery but also to be a testament to the power of interactive conversations and real human connections in the healthcare sector.

Pioneering a New Path in Health and Wellbeing

Sarah Coward, CEO and Co-Founder of In The Room Global Ltd., highlights the immense potential of this interactive approach for health and wellbeing. By bringing together Stacie's experiences and the expertise of the World Stroke Organization, In The Room is at the forefront of innovative health solutions, offering new pathways for support, understanding, and transformation in the lives of those affected by stroke.