UK Coaching

Our goal was to create a virtual platform that allows audiences to interact personally with Olympic champion, Dame Kelly Holmes. This platform aims to empower users to ask questions on significant topics such as diversity, inclusion, and her personal journey.

What Has Been Done:

Using cutting-edge conversational technology, we've curated an interactive video experience where audiences can virtually interview Dame Kelly Holmes. From their own homes, users can prompt her to share their knowledge, experiences, and advice on various topics including gender equality in sports, LGBTQ+ inclusion, personal experiences related to diversity and inclusion, mental health struggles, mentoring younger generations, and more.


The Q&A experience offers an exclusive, up-close interaction with one of the UK's most respected athletes. Users have the opportunity to tap into Dame Kelly’s extensive knowledge and experience, gaining valuable insights on a range of topics. With full control over the interactive video experience, users can engage with Dame Kelly via computer or phone, on the go, or from the comfort of their homes. This unique platform not only allows for immersive, personalized interaction with a sporting legend but also brings to light significant discussions on diversity and inclusion.