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How it works

Transforming your customer interactions with In The Room is as simple as 1-2-3-4:

Define Your Objective
List Your Questions
Record Your Answers
Get Your Experience Online

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of consumers value authenticity as a crucial factor in supporting brands.


of revenue spent on conversational commerce by 2025.


face-to-face communication is more effective than text.

With In The Room, you will:

Seize the chance to create authentic, meaningful bonds with your clientele, fans, or audience. Through personalization, you can connect deeper emotionally, turning simple interactions into enduring relationships.


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Jack Fisher from World Health Organisation

Jack Fisher

World Health Organisation

Your platform is fantastic and has a huge opportunity to support our work globally.

Lindsay Orridge

The Motorsport Collective

In The Room's conversational Al technology offers a unique way for brands and teams to engage with their communities in a truly global, accessible way.

Our Advisors: Adam

Dr. Adam Black

Founder EnablingInsights

In The Room offers a breakthrough experience that combines the persuasive experience of video with the personalization of a 1:1 discussion.

Stu Packham, CEO. Alchemist.

Stu Packham


The in-the-room technology in conversational media has allowed us to think about new business in a different way. We already know it's going to be a game changer for us because it's going to give us that opportunity to deliver learning experiences that are human-centred but at scale without having to put people on a plane and fly them all over the world.

Helena Wardle from Money Means, Founder & CEO

Helena Wardle

Founder & CEO

I think it's really important that services nowadays have got a digital element. And that means that people would want to engage with things in their own time. And what Solutions Like in the Room does for us is it means we can still have that human element that I know is so critical to what I do, but delivered in a way that is convenient for people. So they still get their questions answered. They still get the expertise of someone like me, but in a way that they will engage with it in their own time. I think the best words to use is what one of our testers is saying. They really felt that this was a human experience, even though they've had a fully digital journey. And what that means for us as a business is we've got an opportunity to scale a service that you can't scale at the moment. This is a difficult problem to solve, and technology like in the room will really help us

About Us

In The Room is revolutionizing
the way we communicate, making
impossible meetings possible.

Our journey began with an innovative and emotionally profound project at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum. There, we utilized our unique technology to bring the voices and stories of Holocaust survivors to future generations.

A Groundbreaking Project

Using voice recognition, AI, and 3D video technology, we facilitated real-time, interactive dialogues between audiences and digitally projected Holocaust survivors. This allowed for a deeply engaging educational experience that went beyond the traditional: connecting past and present in a profound way.

Power of Technology

This project was more than just a digital experience. It was a testament to the transformative power of conversational technology - making impossible meetings possible by bridging the gap between generations and transcending the limitations of time and space.

9 Years of Experience

Our roots in this meaningful endeavour have laid a strong foundation for our technology. Years of experience and refinement have honed our tools, making our platform robust, versatile, and flexible for SMEs, non-profits and enterprise companies.

Unique Tech

Our platform is powered by AI and voice recognition, and utilizes exclusive pre-recorded video content. This potent combination allows for personalized, real-time interactions on a scale that was previously unimaginable.

Our team

In The Room continues to leverage our unique technology and years of experience to transform the way businesses connect with their audiences, making conversations more meaningful, engaging, and human.

Our journey from the memorial halls of the Holocaust museum to the world of modern business communication demonstrates our commitment to revolutionizing the way we interact, one conversation at a time.