World Stroke Organisation

In The Room, in collaboration with the World Stroke Organization and stroke survivor Stacie Broek, aimed to launch "In The Room with a Stroke Survivor," an AI conversational experience. This initiative sought to enhance stroke awareness and aid recovery by integrating Stacie's personal experiences with the global reach of the World Stroke Organization.

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Key steps in this partnership included:

Utilizing the Existing AI-Powered Platform: In The Room leveraged its pre-existing conversational media platform to create a unique experience where users could interact one-on-one with Stacie Broek. This setup provided an authentic perspective on stroke awareness and recovery.

Incorporating Personal Narratives and Resources: The platform was enriched with Stacie's personal stories and insights, combined with valuable resources from the World Stroke Organization. This integration offered a comprehensive and empathetic view of the stroke journey.

Increased Stroke Awareness: The initiative significantly contributed to global stroke awareness by providing intimate, firsthand insights into the experiences of stroke survivors.

Empowering Stroke Survivors and Caregivers: The project served as a vital resource for individuals affected by stroke, offering support, information, and a sense of community.

This collaborative project demonstrates the impactful use of existing conversational AI technology in healthcare, highlighting the power of personal narratives in enhancing awareness and supporting recovery.