Nile Rodgers

Our aim was to create an authentic, immersive experience for music fans to connect with Nile Rodgers, one of the world's most influential songwriters, artists, and producers. We aimed to craft an experience rich in content and personal interaction, allowing users to explore over 300 aspects of Nile's life, his influences, and his character.

To experience the feature, visit:

What Has Been Done:

We worked closely with Universal Music Group, Nile's fans, close associates at Abbey Road Studios, and various other partners to develop a comprehensive question set. We filmed Nile over two days in a London recording studio, using state-of-the-art technology to capture 8k resolution, 3D footage. 

Two core experiences were created - an online experience accessible via mobile or desktop, and a high-definition VR experience using full 8k media for optimal quality. This digital portrait of Nile was developed in association with the National Portrait Gallery and Abbey Road Studios, where Nile is Chief Creative Advisor.


The project was a resounding success. Not only did we create the world's first multi-platform voice-driven experience featuring a major recording artist, but the engagement results exceeded expectations. 8% of Nile's digital fanbase engaged with the experience, and the average dwell time was twice as long as a standard website. For the VR experience, 50% of the users explored Nile's music in the two weeks following their immersive encounter. As Universal Music UK noted, In The Room’s digital experiences can provide something special for audiences, and a new tool for artists to individually connect with their fans worldwide.