Vinoteca, a renowned wine bar and wine shop group, aimed to innovate their online customer interaction by implementing an engaging and informative wine recommendation system on their website. Their goal was to leverage the unique expertise of their co-founders, Brett Woonton and Charlie Young, in an approachable, digitally accessible way.

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What Has Been Done:

In partnership with In The Room, Vinoteca launched a voice-interactive Q&A feature on their website. This "conversational commerce" tool allowed users to ask Brett and Charlie questions about Vinoteca's extensive wine range.

The innovative technology, available on both mobile and desktop devices through the Vinoteca browser, provided users with immediate, authentic responses from Brett and Charlie. Over three hours of content was generated, yielding 180 diverse responses that covered a multitude of topics related to wine.

The feature was not only informative but also commercial, enabling customers to click through and purchase wines they liked directly from the recommendation platform.


The results of the voice-interactive Q&A tool exceeded expectations. According to Charlie Young, the technology felt like a form of cloning, allowing the co-founders to be available to their customers around the clock. This translated to heightened customer engagement and better access to expert knowledge.

Sarah Coward, the co-founder of In The Room, acknowledged that the technology was instrumental in facilitating meaningful conversations with customers, contributing to relationship-building, revenue growth, and provision of a delightful customer experience.