Forever project

In partnership with the National Holocaust Centre and Museum, the objective was to create a project that digitally preserved and shared the stories of Holocaust survivors for future generations. The 'Forever Project' was initiated to maintain the presence of these survivors and keep their narratives alive.

What Has Been Done:

The Forever Project currently hosts interactive experiences with 11 survivors, each having answered hundreds of questions about their lives and experiences. Each session was captured in 3D video, powered by machine learning software to create immersive, interactive experiences. Initially designed as an auditorium experience, it allowed audiences to not only view survivors' stories in 3D but also engage with them by asking questions directly, fostering a powerful connection between the audience and the survivor.

To ensure broader accessibility and keep up with the challenges faced by the survivors in sharing their testimonies, the project was transformed into an online browser-based experience. This facilitated national distribution to schools, accompanied by in-class education sessions and teaching support materials.


The Forever Project has successfully brought the powerful and authentic testimonies of Holocaust survivors to hundreds of children and young people in the UK and beyond. Notably, it's been featured in prominent locations like Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. This innovative initiative provides a unique opportunity to contribute significantly to genocide education for the future, making an irreplaceable impact on understanding historical narratives.